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(Nov 27, 2011) new guildsite..register there
(Nov 22, 2011)
omg.. I did it.. I found how to apply to guild.. took only 3 days
(Nov 21, 2011)
new guild site?
(Nov 20, 2011)
err.. I cant find how to join new guildsite. Got account there, but how to join guild...
(Nov 10, 2011)
yah that would be nice. and a guild logo would be nice too..
(Nov 10, 2011)
If you want a new banner, then you'll better ask a Photoshop master like me :D
(Nov 10, 2011) new banner for our guildsite. ours getting old.
(Nov 07, 2011)
Ty Darshan...even if we still are considering lots of things
(Nov 06, 2011)
Congratulations on leadership Thana! Glad it isnt some random ass nab!
(Oct 30, 2011)
btw... where screenshots / videos of pvp event? o0
(Oct 29, 2011)
well for tank this one is good enough
(Oct 28, 2011)
i can kill u on Arena if u want... or u kill me -_-